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How To Play
5 Star Customer Review
How To Play
1) Set Chairs in Game Mode

2) Set Chairs approximately 40 feet apart, or adjust according to skill level

3) Game can be played one vs one or 2 vs. 2

      - When one vs. one - players are playing from opposite sides

      - When 2 vs. 2 - teammates are on opposite sides

4) Players Alternate Throws.

5) Hit the Chair on a Fly - Player/Team gets 3 points

6) Player throws ball into basket (touchdown) - Player/Team gets 6 points

7) Score touchdown, kick for extra point. Earn an Extra Point by kicking through goal posts. Win game if your kick goes into the hole/basket.

8) If the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the offensive team gets 2 points.

9) Defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground. Defending team must allow the ball to hit the chair first.

10) Switch sides when the leading team reaches 12 pts, 24 pts, 36 pts, 48 pts

11) First team to reach 54 wins ! (Gotta win by 2). Losing team gets last licks, one throw.


Game Sets

9 Colors To Choose From
Each set consists of:

2 Chairs, 2 Sets of Goal Posts, 1 Football, 1 Durable Oversized Carrying Bag


NFL Fan Flags For your QB54 Game Set
The premium two sided 12.5x18 flag. Perfect for your QB54 set


NCAA Fan Flags For Your QB54 Game Set
The premium two sided 12.5x18 flag.  Perfect for your QB54 set


USA and Military Fan Flags

To Show Your Support
For Home or Office
For your QB54 set


QB54 Hat
QB54 Cap
QB54 Football
QB54 Football
QB54 Shield T Shirt
QB54 Shield
QB54 Tshirt



Qb54 Scoring Kit
QB54 Scoring Kit



Here's  What Our Customers Say... 

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Just a Few of the Thousands of 5 Star Reviews


Bill W.

"Bought QB54 for a guys weekend at the beach....we played non-stop! GREAT PRODUCT! We had people stopping on the beach and asking
us about it.

Great quality, great service!

My kids love it too. We'll be playing this all summer."

A - Verified Purchase

"By far the best!" 


"By far the best back yard, Bar-B-Que, tailgating, beach, family fun game on the planet. It really is a lot of fun for all ages and athletic abilities.

Kids vs problem....the way the game is played it's an even playing field so no need to 'let them win'.... Heck Mom and Dad, they may need to 'let you win'.

The chairs are super sturdy, durable fabric, and are easily used to relax with the group after a bunch of rounds of QB54!

Highly recommended. More active and exciting than the other tailgating games.."

f - Verified Purchase

True professional!

Lori F.  

"J bought this as a gift for my kids and they absolutely loved it. Turns out my husband loves it just as much if not more than my kids.

We take it to tailgates, the beach and even to my son's baseball tournaments for playing in between games.

The fact that we can actually turn the game in to 2 usable chairs makes it even better.

If you are looking for something different to do game wise, I highly recommend QB54!"

W - Verified Purchase



"We Know How To Have Fun!"

Our names are Michael and Frank Silva, we are brothers and we created QB54. We know how to have fun. Ever since we can remember, we created our own games to entertain ourselves. These were the days when kids actually went outside to play, remember that?

               Mike & Frank Silva Creators and Founders  >

QB54 Founders
Mike's Family
QB54 actually started out when we were 9 and 12 years old using 2 garbage cans. We called it "The QB Thanksgiving Class
ic". During Thanksgiving all of our friends left to go visit family and we were left just the 2 of us watching football on TV. We got bored easily but were itching to play football, so we thought how can you play football with 2 people? Ah garbage cans!!! Our parents thought we were crazy but we thought we were geniuses.

So we set up the cans and started throwing, and throwing and throwing trying to get it in the can. We're now in our mid 40's and we're still throwing. Last year our families met up in Georgia where Frank lives and we celebrated Thanksgiving. Guess what? Instead of cleaning dishes as always, Frank saaid, "Thanksgiving Classic?" And within a heartbeat we are out there with beer in hand throwing the football like we did when we were 9 and 12 years old.

As were playing his neighbor comes by and starts playing for 3 hours straight!!! After the neighbor left, I looked at Frank and said "We need to do something about this!" Frank came up with the genius idea of using the chair to incorporate it into the game for a dual purpose, and QB54 was born.                 
 <  Mike's Family 
Every one always asks, whats the "54" for, and we say the first team to 54 wins. Next question why 54? We respond, why not! We pulled that number out of the air, it just felt right, and you know what, we find most games end exactly on 54.

We grew up in NJ, Frank moved to Atlanta Georgia and I am still here in New Jersey. We created the business at the beginning of 2016 but we have been perfecting this game for over 30 years. We launched our online shop August 2016. If anyone has any questions they can reach out to both of us at

Please also check us out on our QB54 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

                               Frank's Family >

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There are 3 Ambassador Levels.

Everyone starts at Rookie Level when they first become an ambassador.

Your level determines the cost of Units:

Your First Game is $50 FREE SHIPPING!

Rookie - Unit cost: $65 (plus Shipping) 4 Unit Minimum

Pro - Unit cost: $57.50 (plus Shipping) 4 Unit Minimum

All Star - Unit cost: $50 (plus Shipping) 4 Unit Minimum

Based on your performance and actions, you can move up levels. Here's how:

To Become Pro - Spend $500 OR host a 20+ team tournament

To Become an All Star- Spend $1,000 OR host two 20+ team tournaments or 1 50+ team tournament. Please email if you hosted a tournament and would like to move up ambassador levels!

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Meet Some Of Our Ambassadors 

Sarah T.

 "I jumped right into an ambassador role with QB54"

"I met Mike and his family at an Eagles tailgate where they truly are the meaning of family hustle. After purchasing the game and continuing to play we had multiple people come up asking about the attention grabbing game we were playing (wish I was selling that day). The next day I received a personal email from Mike thanking us for supporting QB54. After a few emails about the game we decided to connect via phone to see if we could mutually help each other in business. Immediately you can hear Mike’s passion and devotion to making QB54 the number one tailgate & backyard game. He has so much knowledge on inventing/creating and running a business that I knew this would be someone who I could learn a lot from. I jumped right into an ambassador role with QB54 using my connections and social media to sell many games almost immediately. Once you get people playing they can’t get enough of the game. I’m thankful that I met Mike and his QB54 family. I know that I could go to Mike with any questions about running a business or inventing a product and he would be more than happy to guide me with any information. It’s definitely been a fun venture with QB54, Never stopping the side hustle!"

"Jumped on board the ambassador
program today."
"QB54 is the game you have all been looking for this football season. It will take your tailgate or party to the next level. Mike and his brother Frank have put their heart and soul into this product and it shows. QB54 was invented from a competitive game they played as kids. What is cooler than that? Mike came out to our high school and really impressed the students with his passion for the game. When I realized how much fun the students were having I knew I had to jump on board. As you can see in the pictures, I purchased a driveway full of games and still had no problem selling this fun interactive game QB54. Jump on board the ambassador program today."
Edward M.
"I've sold a lot of QB54's" 
"I've loved the game of football since the age of 6. My days of playing have come and gone and while I coach my sons who play, I still miss the game. I then came across an amazing game QB54 at a sports event and Knew I had to have it. I purchased a set and had so much fun playing it that I contacted Mike Silva. Mike told me I could be a Brand Ambassador which I immediately agreed to do. I mean why not sell a game that is so different and eye catching? I've sold a lot of QB54's spreading and sharing my passion and love for the game all while making money and having the pleasure of working with two great individuals Mike & Frank Silva. Highly recommend being a Brand Ambassador."
Edward M. Ambassador
Brian B.
"I knew I wanted to be a part of the QB54 Nation after initially chatting with Mike"
"I knew I wanted to be a part of the QB54 Nation after initially chatting with Mike (Silva) and later learning that QB54 had an Ambassador Program. The fan base for QB54 and my own fantasy football league (Fantasy Sports Alliance - have an enormous crossover. Also, being in the United States Army opens huge opportunities for both of us. I couldn't be more excited to join the Nation. Thank you Silva brothers for the opportunity. Never stop the hustle!"

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